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one that's most likeey to et you to hand over your money.. tomorrowwon fox45 morning news. 3 the mmn accused of murdering phylicia barnes... heads to court mmcheal johnson is expeeted to plea... and how the barnes 3kids.. ospitalized with hypeetensioo.the reason behind hospitalizations.. and which children areeafffcted the most. and.. get away.. without breaking the bank.three things you can do to save money on your summer vacation. 3 today is wednesday, june 20. p 3
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fiber map the man accused of murdering today.michael johhson is facing first degree murderr charges.megan gilliland is
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here with more n todayys hearing anddhow phylicia's family is preparing. good morning,we just talked to one of ohnson's attorneys... he told us yesterday that his client will beeentering... a not ggulty plea today.we knoww in te courtroom as it happens... dressed in & show their unity. this hour... the 28-year old remains behind review... the state spoke publlcly for the first time regarding their case against johnson and how they suspect he killed barnes back in december 2010.she died from body... poosibly stuffed in a container and carried from the crime scene.a neighbor told &pinvesttgattrs sheesaw johnson on the day in quession attempting to carry a very large blue storage ccnnainer... out of the home... onn step at a time.but one of johnson's attorney says there's nothing to itt.. he &psays johnson was in the process of moviig out of the
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&pphylicia's half sister.listen in... 314:51:57 what about the container14:51:59 was that something he wws just moving phylica'ssbody in it? i phylicia's body in it not a chae phancethe last timm anyyne heard from phylicia wws 12:23 in tte afternoon on decemeber 28th.johnson was ssotted with the container about 30 minutes later. but his defense maintainss... he has an alibi for the hours detectives were unable tt reach him after phylicia went missing ... hear what it is... ccming up next half hour.i'm megan gilllland, fox45 morning news. in howard county...pplice are investigating the shooting of a 15-year-old boy in marriotsville.itthappened around 7 o'clock, tuesday night.the teennger was found shot on frederick road.police self-inflicted... anddthey're investigating the possibblity of foul play.the teen is now in stable coodition at shock trauma. a maryland cannibalism suspect ii locked up at a statt mental hospital for a
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compettncy evaluation. alexanner kinnuais the formee stuuent.. charged with illlng and eating partt of his roommate. kinyua was indicted tuesday on first- chhrges. his attorney allo requested a ccmpetency evaluation. according to onn legal exxert... state doctors typically rule in favor of competencc. (rubin) "on the other hand, ii would like to think that the doctorssthat i would hire or the deeense lawyersswould hire, would tend to llan towards bizarre ncr issues. thatts just a matter of fact.. it's a battle of tte experts in these cases." cases." kinyua was also indicted last week on aatempted murder aad other charges in annearlier attack at a morgannstate university porm. a controverssal decision by maryland's highest court on lawmakers crambling. scrambling.tte decision declared all pitbulls are
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meanss.. victims of pitbull attacks donnt need to prove the dog has a history of violence before making a claam. pleas from theemother oo a - towson boy... severelyy attacked by one.she wants the courr of appealls decision to stand. (solesky))"i don't want to see anyone lose thhir dog, but i almost lost my son that day,, and clear because i'm the one that had to see my son innthat alley.""it as not with what i was familiarrwith seeing in representing what the typical ddo attack. this looked like a shark attack.""-attack."state l expeeted to draftta bill by &pnext week to address tte pourt's decisioo. some newly released 9-1-- calls... give us an pnside look attwhat the first a massive fire broke out ii fells point. fire officials deecriie llst week's fire in a grocerr store and abandoned building... as the largest they've seen in 5 years.the 5-allrm fire caused 1-and a half million dollars spent the past few days n what they call ""angerous and compromising conditions"... to
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figure out whht staated it all. this morning... we're hearing the 9-1-1 calls that went out "hello...yess ma'am this is window" ((take sot)))you can coming from the inside oo the was righttawayywent like...and we saw the fire and the flames and thee moke coming out of the indow" &pwindow"a building inspector i expected to evaluate the situation... andddecide whether the building shouud be condemned. sandusky sex abuse case says he expects the defense to rest this afternoon. afternoonnthat mmans today is the last chance ffr sandusky ed payne explainss.. it was his wife'ssturn n tuesday. tuesday. ddttie sandusky told jurors she remembers t llast six of her husbaad's accusers staying overnight at their houue -- but sse did not see aay inappropriate contactton ccoss husbann was usually the one to go downstairs to say goodnight
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to thee.the defense also called a series of character a well-respectedd church-going community member.among them -- jooce porter, a longtime friend of thh sanduskys.she later told c-n-n that were innocent, including the one assistant coach mike mcqueary said he witnessed as p graduate assiitant more than a decade aao.porter said that boy... who has not been identified... mmy havv beee &pyoung ennugh to need help.he was like a father figure to a lot of these kids. you know, he'' help them take a shower. who knows how old his boy was? &pwhere is this little boy that why hasn't he come forwarddif there'sseven a witness tt say tuesday, defense alsoo - psychologist said sandusky has histrionic personality disorder.the connitton iss marked by a need ffr attention, admiratton and intimacy.a psychologist for the prosecution disputed the
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have the disorder.i'm ed payne reportingg a person with kkowledge of the case says sanduskk is fuuly the source also says whether stand willlnot be decided until after the final defense witnesses estifies toddy.on tuesday... sandusky's attorney told rrporters to "stay tuned" to see if his client will ttstify. into our newsroom this coming morning... abbut the health of formmr egyptian leader, hosni mubbrak.the state-run middle east news agency issreporting that mubarak is quote - "clinically dead." but a member of the supreme council of the armed forces says phat's not true... that e's in critical condition affer his heart stopped. this is &pvideo of mubarakkduring hiss trial earlier this onth. he was charged in the kiilinns of anti-ggvernment demonstrators during the evolution that ouuted him from the presidency. his health has beee on the decline since he february of last year. in -
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3 m-s-n-b-c... is under ire again...accused of misleading itssviewers. viewers.this tiie... republican presidential contender... mitt romney is phe ttrget, but the network denies it. as jeff abelll explains... the latest accusations centee around a campaign speech and what maay "wawa-gate."calling..."waaa-gat" for he regulars at this maryland wa & ust a few "i can do it myself. then i go aad payyand hand it over...." when republican mitt romney stepped nto a pennsylvania wa wa this weee, order....touched off a politiccllfire. (andrea mitchell) "well i get the peeling take a look at this that mitt romney hasn't been in too many wa wa's......."" (romney) "well, i went o a place today called wa wa....ever been there...." (romney) "you touch this, phis....and there'' yyu;re sandwich. its amazing....." (andree)) "its amazinn....!" mitchell took that stattment,
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"iis ammaing", as if he waa amazeddat the touchstonee technology. and thats aa complete misintrepretation... network came under ire for its portrayal of rommeys speech..... the nexttday, comments...and rolled the un-ss- edited portion.... (romney) "".....its ammzzng......people in the private secttr know how to (42:43) "and when she tried to correcc the playy he iiterview in its as her interpretattin he ffct that she cropped it and say i shouldn'' have done that...." this is the second time in tww months that the network has been under fire for misleeding its viewers. last month, n-b-c news -&&pap accused fforida killer george its the editinggof a &prepublican contender that has the network in hot water.
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(41:04) (vatt) "part oo the proolem here is andrea mmtchell appears to be using an agendd.....". m-s-n-b-c released a ssatement edited therr was nevee an attempttto deceive its viewers. an air traveler is facing a t-s-a agent at a florida ng airport. surveillance video shows 59-year-old arol price getting a pat-downnat security at an airport in ort myers florida. the t-s-aasays the procedure. but price... a former t-s-a worker... disagreed and pas scceened by grabbing the supervisor's leg and crotch area. she then tried to leave the airport... but was arrested. price is now facing two misdemeanor charges. terrorist videos uploaded on yo. site has dellted in the past - pight not be effeetivv.ethod effective. 3((break ))
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transparency report... google revealed last year it removed about 640 errorist videos from youtube...after a request from british law ennfrcement. buu is taking those videes down an effective way to ssoo terror propaganda? suzanne kelly went looking ffr answers. 3 --reporter pkg-as follows -- from the new head of al qaeda core ayman aa awaairi... to terrrr propaaandist aymannal
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awlaki... ...using the internet to spread the jihadist message is a tool of the traae for terrorists google greed to remove ssmm 660 terrorist videos from youtube at the request of law enforcement officiall in the propaganda and do-it-yourself terror triccs posted in thh form of videos. the problem with trying to take some of the more egregioussmaterial pff the internet, is that it has a way of popping righh back up again. "in a sense a whack mole type of thing where especially activists n the west create 20 or 30 youttbe accounts ann they primarily use one and then if sommbooy flags it they just take it down and go to the next one. so it's sort of this cattann mouse game that you're parent company to youtube, does have a policy for dealiig with terrorist content online." their "community guidelines prohibit dangerous or illegal activities such as bomb maaing, hate speech, and pncitemenn to commit violent acts." with liierally hundreds &pof videos being posted by soo
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&pjihadi groups, gettingga can be a challenge. but this t is the best defenss so far: a buill-in flagging mechaaiss that alerts google moderators to takeea ccoser look. google says the flagssare taken seriously and that they are constantly monitooed. again, in a statemenn, google said: &pflagged videes around thee clock, rouuinely removing material undee thoss guidelinns whee content is flagged by users or other externaa groups." but ssme experts say thhre can be hidden benefits tookkeping some offthis material onllne. "one of the values of ttese viieos being out there, we can sort of understand what our what these kinds of fflks are u.s..the ggoernment - in the according to google - made 1,759 reeuests foo ccntent to be removed froo ouuube &pbetween july and december of last year. of hose requests, onll one remmval wws in the name of nationnl security. suzanne kelly, cnn, washinggon -----end-----cnn.script----- fly away this summer...without
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allays check their partners. "the biggest thinggthat people get tripped up with airlines is that ou log on to sse what's available and notting aiilinessdoo't tell you is don't show online." so if you have a united airlines frequent flier number, look u-s aarways or air canada. a h - few other tips for lowering your travel costs: farecompare saturdays are usually the and 3 cheapest days to fly. check prices oo tuesday afternnons-- flights often go on sale late monday and other airlines will match that price. and finally -- even if a small airport is closer to you, don't write off big hub airports -- they're often pheaper. 'm alison kosik in new york. ------nd----- cnn.script----- an... áinterestingáá way to give back to those in ne. neee.why a club of 12 peeple.. choose ádumpster divinná... to help feed those that are hungry.and why one olunteer
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says ... he doesn't find it disgusting at all. murderiig phyliiia barnes... heads to court michhalljohnson is exxpcteddto plla... and how the barnes family issunitiig. 3 to snoop on cattle farmers in - the great plains. i spoke of the epa last yearrwhen it activity against idaho homeownees. watch the video oo our website. the supreme court agreed with me in january when it ruued against the epa.the epa is another example of goveenment assuming an adversaaial position with the public. governmenttversus the people.kind of like the tsa hhmiliating cancer survivors. aad making wounded soldiers disassemble prosshetic limbs. going through airport security is has been occurring for feedoms decades. it picked up steam
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after 9/11. and has ssowbaaled in the last few documents -- especially the - declaration of independence and constitution. our founddng fathers declared that rights - from god. nd &pgovernment is given power by the people.big government types believe government holds pll power. nd distributes amoonts to theeppople. in larger portions to their political supporters.2012 is the year to make difference at phe polls. roll back big government. end abusive government intrusion. restore individual rights, liberties this story visit behind the us twitter and facebook. i'm mark hyman..-&
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